Bayside North River

Launching a church campus in a middle school can have it’s limitations. But Bayside Community Church didn’t want any of those limitations to infringe on their dedication to creating an excellent worship environment. Crown Design Group partnered with the church and the school to design a system that both parties can enjoy. CDG worked closely with the school county and supplied designs/ drawings for electrical and rigging so the school could feel at ease about permanently installing speakers, projectors and lighting. Crown then worked closely with the church to create a mobile equipment list that was turn key. And with the use of color coded/ labeled snakes and custom I/O panels, the church can set up their main auditorium in 30 min. The first weekend of services was a complete success, with over 1500 in attendance across their 2 Sunday services. There were many testimonies as to the quality and excellence of this mobile campus. Many people forgot they were in a middle school, and could freely worship without distraction.



"Partnering with Crown Design Group to help design and build the AVL systems for our North River Campus was absolutely vital to the success of this launch. Their attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and deep understanding of both the technical systems and the dynamics of a church service made this team-up a winning combination. Everything looks great, sounds great, and is easy for volunteers to put together. We really appreciate Crown Design Group for their help in this special season of our church, and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

Campus Pastor, David Murphy