CDG partnered with Bethel Mennonite Church to update their AVL systems in their main auditorium. Prior to CDG’s system design, the room was too bright, with no way of dimming the house lights, and overall, felt sterile. CDG decided to combat this with LED fixtures on the stage to create an immersive color scape. But also utilized RGBW Color pendants in place of conventional house lights to change the color and mood of the whole room. And utilizing Jands Vista lighting software, the changes were only a button away. Making the space look more inviting is one thing, but making it sound good is just as important. CDG used Symetrix zone DSP and Meyer distributed speakers in the overflow wings of the sanctuary to bring warmth and clarity to the congregants. This vastly improved the experience for those church members that couldn’t make it to a seat in the center of the room. Overall, the project at Bethel was a great example of modern avl techniques bringing relevant production to a rich tradition.