Church of the Cross

Church of the Cross was looking to “overhaul” their main worship environment, and partnered with CDG to make it happen! We helped design and implement a new sound system that helped accentuate their dynamic and inspiring worship services. We helped bring them into the “digital age” with a new digital audio console that has all the EQ, Compression, Time-based effects and routing that they would ever need.

CDG also overhauled their projection and media software by designing and installing a custom screen and edge blending projection system that truly fits the environment.

The Custom Drum Enclosure was designed and built to Church of the Cross’ custom needs, and brought their live mix to a whole new level! Because of the size and shape of the room, acoustic energy was focused forward. Trying to mix an open drum kit was almost impossible for their production team to accomplish. By controlling the drums and SPL in the enclosure, we were able to get the tight, clean drum mix that they wanted, at the decibel levels they needed.

Bradenton, FL

“We needed expertise and a plan to take our technology to the next level.  Crown delivered on both, and then some.”

Connections and Community Pastor, John Treworgy