Coastlife Church

Crown Design Group brought Coastlife’s vision from rendering to reality. They worked closely with the church and the builder from day one to design, procure, and install all the AVL for their new building addition. Utilizing modern technologies like RGBW house light pendants and zone control, the church can easily change the mood and dynamics of their worship service, with the click of a button. With a high quality and powerful PA that matches the intensity of the church’s worship services, the band is finally being heard correctly and intelligably. CDG installed a large 16’ x 9’ projection screen and projector for moving backgrounds and videos, and also supplied intelligent light fixtures to bring movement to the stage. From concept to creation, this project came together in great form, and can now be used to reach more people in the Venice area.



"Bringing Crown Design into our building project was one of the best decisions that we could have made. Bringing them in at the very start of our building project allowed our facility to be built and designed with AVL in mind. The guys at Crown Design went above and beyond on our project and we absolutely love the sound, lights, and video they provided for our church. In a project like this you learn quickly who you want to partner with and who you wouldn’t want to use again. Crown Design will be a business partner of CoastLife Church for many years to come and I can’t recommend them highly enough”

Lead Pastor, Jason Warman