Crown Design Group was founded in 2012 by Ben Graham and Garrett Walker. The two met while on the production staff at Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, FL ( They were both privileged enough to be apart of the amazing growth at the church, and had the opportunity to play an integral role in both the weekend services, events, and campus launches. The church had, and still has an open door policy when it comes to helping other churches and sharing resources. This is where Crown Design Group (CDG) began to take shape.

As the influence of the church grew in the city, state, and country, they had the opportunity to help other churches with their production needs. They would receive countless phone calls from other church production staff asking how they did things, and what equipment they used. It was from these conversations that the need was discovered.

The most difficult questions to answer were:

“What AVL company can be trusted?”

“What company will understand our goals?” 

“What company has the integrity, and the expertise to get the project done?”

“What company has the creative and technical background to make the vision a reality?”

“What company would you use?”

Ben and Garrett decided that the best way to answer these questions was to start a company that embodied all of these qualities.

Crown Design Group was founded from a heart to help. And still operates on this principle. They believe in bringing excellence to any and all projects, no matter what the size or scope. They are people of their word and believe in practicing the highest level of integrity in all they do. They have a passion to see churches and organizations grow and utilize technical elements to attract, involve, and inspire.